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Fun Ways to Celebrate President's Day


President’s Day is more than a day off from school, it’s actually a day intended to celebrate two of the most significantly influential Presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Since many people generalize the day as a day to celebrate the presidency in general, here are some fun ways to celebrate (and learn about) President's Day.

1. Discover what Presidents’ Day means.

This interesting article written by the About.com Guide to National & State Parks not only gives some of the history behind this holiday, but also provides some ideas of where you can go to celebrate and think more about the history of the day.

2. Learn some trivia about Presidents’ Day.

Did you know that since the day is supposed to be a celebration of George Washington’s birthday, one of the traditional ways to celebrate is to eat cherries? Of course, that relies on your child knowing the legend of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree. Here’s some trivia for you--that never even happened! It was a simply a story told to demonstrate his sense of truth and honesty.

3. Take a U.S. Presidents Trivia Quiz.

The quiz is designed for all knowledge levels, from easy to expert. It should be interesting to see if you are the expert or your child is!

4. Do some Presidents’ Day puzzles.

From word searches to word scrambles to crossword puzzles and dot-to-dots, there are puzzles to keep all ages puzzling over the presidents.

5. Write a letter to the President.

This is a good activity to get your child thinking on a more global level about the problems that plague our nation, as well as a great way to practice letter-writing skills. Talk to your child about something he would like to see change in the nation and help him write a respectful letter to the President of the United States expressing his views.

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