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Fall Theme Activities for Kids

Apple, Pumpkins and Halloween


From the changing of the autumn leaves to the changing weather, there so many thing for kids to learn about in the fall. Three of the most popular fall themes for kids are apples,pumpkins and Halloween. Here are a variety fall activities to keep your kids learning.

1. An Apples WebQuest

Photo: Amanda Morin
If you don’t know what a WebQuest is, you’re not alone. It’s a self-directed learning activity in which what your child is to learn is predefined, as are the websites he visits along the way. This apples WebQuest will teach your child about different varieties of apples and has a printable data sheet and interactive apples quiz to help along the way.

2. A Pumpkin/Jack O Lantern Glyph

Image: Amanda Morin
Just like WebQuest, a glyph may unfamiliar to you, but you’ve probably seen them. A glyph uses a legend of shapes, pictures or colors to help your child complete a picture. With this pumpkin glyph, the directions will help her create a Jack O Lantern that will tell you all about her favorite candy, her Halloween costumes and her plans for the holiday, simply by the features on its face!

3. The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree Book Activity

Photo: Amanda Morin
Gail Gibbon’s book The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree is one of many beautifully illustrated and informative kids books about apples. It walks the reader through the life cycle of an apple tree, a cycle your child can then recreate on his own as he makes his own tree in this extension activity.

4. Learn the Parts of An Apple

Image: Amanda Morin
An apple may seem like a simple fruit but it actually has six different parts, all of which serve important functions. This activity helps your child learn about the parts of an apple in a variety of different ways, including labeling apple parts on a printable worksheet, examining real apples and creating artistic representations of a model apple.

5. Apple Theme Sight Word Mini Book

Image: © Amanda Morin
Making mini books is a great way to help kids learn sight words and theme related vocabulary. The repetition in this printable book“My Apple Varieties” may seem boring to you, but it will help your child learn to write color words and begin to read some apple-related vocabulary.

6. Apple Science

Photo: © Amanda Morin
If your child has ever wondered about why an apple gets so leathery and small when it’s left out to dry, the “How Much Water is in An Apple?” science experiment will help him figure it out. With an apple, a record-keeping log, a food scale and some string, you can find out how much of that apple is water and how much is fruit and seeds.

7. 10 Ways to Use Halloween Candy as a Teaching Tool

Photo: Jeff Turner via Flickr/CCL
Your child probably already does candy math on her own (and not just subtraction!). If she likes to sort and trade, she’s off to a great start. Halloween candy can be used to teach math, literacy and even science. Here are ten ways to get started.

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