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Printable Christmas Tangram Puzzles


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Printable Christmas Tangram Puzzles - Christmas Tree
Printable Christmas Tangram Puzzles

Click to print a PDF version of this holiday tangram puzzle.

Image: Amanda Morin

**Print a PDF tangram puzzle from the About.com Mathematics site by clicking this link for a Large Tangram Pattern. To make the Tangram puzzle more durable, print on heavy paper like card stock.**

The Christmas tree is an iconic symbol of the winter holidays, although the tradition of having and decorating a Christmas tree in America has only been around since the 19th century.

This year, you and your child can not only see the splendor of the Christmas trees around you, but you can also create your own tree using 5 of the 7 pieces of a traditional Tangram puzzle.

Click here to see the solution to the Christmas Tree Tangram Puzzle.

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