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Lucky Charms® Graphing -St. Patrick's Day Math


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Lucky Charms® Graphing
Lucky Charms® Graphing -St. Patrick's Day Math
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As much as you’d like to discourage your child from playing with food, St. Patrick’s Day is a good day to break that rule. Lucky Charms© graphing is a great way to help your child learn sorting, counting, basic graphing. Here's how to get started.

Give your child a bowl of dry Lucky Charms© cereal or-- if you'd like to have some more control of the outcome of the graph--give him a sandwich bag of presorted cereal.

Presorting allows you to make sure there’s at least one of every shape in the bag. Usually, about a handful’s worth is more than enough, especially since you can be sure your child will be sneaking bites when you’re not looking!

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