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Jack o Lantern Glyph


Jack O Lantern Glyph
Jack o Lantern Glyph
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The Jack-O-Lantern glyph is a fun activity to give your child an opportunity to tell more about himself simply by the way he chooses to decorate his pumpkin. Once you have the materials gathered, read through the directions below to have your child create a pumpkin picture filled with information about himself.

Goal of Activity: Your child will use critical thinking and glyphs to create a Jack O Lantern that accurately reflects his thoughts about--and plans for--Halloween.

Skills Targeted: critical thinking, following directions, reading legends, listening

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Materials Needed:

Instructions for the Jack-O-Lantern Glyph

Stem Color:
Color the stem green if your favorite kind of candy is sour, like Skittles .
Color the stem brown if chocolate is your favorite kind of candy.
Color the stem orange and yellow if candy corn is your favorite kind of candy.
Leave the stem uncolored if you don’t like candy all that much.

Ribs (the curved lines on the pumpkin):
Draw one rib for every birthday you have had. (If parents are joining in this activity, you may want to substitute one rib for each five or ten birthdays.)

Shape of Eyes:
Make triangle shaped eyes if you are going Trick-or-Treating this year.
Make rectangle shaped eyes if you are staying home to hand out candy.
Make circle shaped eyes if you are going to a Halloween party.
Make square shaped eyes if your Halloween plans are still undecided.

Color of Eyes:
Color the eyes red if you have a scary Halloween costume.
Color the eyes blue if you have a cute or friendly Halloween costume.
Color the eyes black if you don’t have a Halloween costume.

Shape of Nose:
Make a heart-shaped nose if you know how to carve a real Jack-O-Lantern.
Make a triangle-shaped nose if you have never carved a Jack-O-Lantern.

Color of Nose:
Color the nose yellow if you like to be scared on Halloween.
Color the nose black if you don’t like to be scared on Halloween.

Shape of Mouth:
Make a smile if you love Halloween.
Make a straight mouth if sort of like Halloween.
Make a frown if you don’t like Halloween.

Add one tooth for each member of your family. So, if you have a mother, two brothers and a dad, you’ll need to add 5 teeth: one for each parent, one for each brother and one for you!

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