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I Am Thankful Poem Writing Prompt


I Am Thankful Poem Writing Prompt
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Goal of Activity: Your child will think about the meaning of Thanksgiving and write a poem outlining what Thanksgiving means to him.

Skills Targeted: social skills, written communication, critical thinking

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Materials Needed:

Starting the Poem

Thanksgiving is a time for creating family traditions and when many families start to think about what they are thankful for. For some kids this is easy, but for others it is hard to come up with the words to express their appreciation.

While you could have your child use a typical Thanksgiving writing prompt to write about what he is thankful for, using the "I Am Thankful For" poem format may make it a little easier for him to say what’s on his mind. This is a great activity for everyone in the family to do and to bring some thanks to the Thanksgiving table.

As you can see from the poem template, it provides your child with the verb. Once your child has a copy of the poem, it’s his job to fill in the blanks. He can do so however he chooses, whether it be with one word or a complete sentence.

The template also allows for your child to choose whether he wants his poetry to rhyme, if he wants to write free-verse poetry or if he wants to tell an entire story. Here are some examples of how the poem could turn out.

Example #1: Free Verse Poetry

I am thankful for my family.
I wonder what they are thankful for.
I hear the football game and laughing.
I see all the fun we have together.
I want everyone to know I love them.
I am grateful for my stuff.
I pretend all sorts of things with my toys.
I feel glad to have so many things.
I touch my sister’s stuff.
I am appreciative she doesn’t mind.
I understand that Thanksgiving is about being thankful.
I say “please” and “thank you” to show that.
I dream about the apple pie.
I try to be patient before dinner.
I hope there is stuffing.
I am glad for Thanksgiving.

Example #2: Rhyming Poetry

I am thankful for the food.
I wonder if it’s good.
I hear the music play.
I see a beautiful fall day
I want to say
I am grateful for today.
I pretend I’m a Pilgrim
I feel glad our life is not so grim.
I touch the food-filled plate
I am appreciative that we ate
I understand the importance of this date
I say Thanksgiving is great!
I dream of when I’m a no longer a tyke
I try to think of what I'll be like
I hope it will be good, the life I’m living
I am glad there’s always Thanksgiving.

Example #3: A Story Poem

I am thankful for my family.
I wonder if they know that
I hear them when they say "I love you" and
I see the things they do to help me.
I want everyone to know I love them because
I am not always good at saying so.
I pretend that I don’t like my sister and brother, but
I feel lucky to have them.
I touch other people’s stuff sometimes and
I am appreciative they don’t get too mad.
I understand that it’s not a good idea so
I say “I’m sorry” when I‘m wrong.
I dream about being bigger and helping out more and
I try to be patient , but I guess
I hope everyone knows
I am glad to be part of this family.

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