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How to Make Math and Reading Cootie Catchers


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Make a Multiplication Fact Cootie Catcher
How to Make Math and Reading Cootie Catchers

Print a PDF of the Multiplication Fact Cootie Catcher template. Use your back button to return to this page to finish making the fortune teller.

Image: © Amanda Morin

Making a multiplication fact Cootie Catcher is just slightly more complicated than making the sight word version. It’s folded the same way, but in order for the facts and answers to line up, you have to be very careful about where you write the information.

Each Multiplication Fact Cootie Catcher can hold up to eight facts. If you haven’t printed the PDF template, fold your fortune teller and then open it back up again so you can use the folds as a guide when following along with the image above.

Write a multiplication fact in each numbered triangle and then write the corresponding answer in the associated “A” triangle. For example, if you wrote “2 x 2“ in triangle 1, you would then write “4” in triangle A1.

When you have finished writing the facts, flip the paper over and fold the Cootie Catcher. Cut carefully where the dotted lines are in the photo. Then, have your child pick a fact and you’re ready to use the fortune teller!

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