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Building the Fact Family House
Fact Family Math
Image: Amanda Morin

Making a house for the fact family to live in can be a fun way to see the relationships in action. It can work for any fact family, so you may want to download a couple of copies of the Fact Family House printable worksheet.

Note: If you plan on creating a bunch of houses, you may want to print it on cardstock, so your child can cut them out and play with the whole neighborhood.

If your child prefers to draw her own, it's a pretty basic drawing. It's just a house with three windows on the roof (one for each number) and four windows on the body (for the related equations.)

She can then put the family's beds together, as it were. Ask your child to write two blank addition problems and two blank subtraction problems, one in each of the four windows on the wall of the house.

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