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Feelings Words From A to Z: The ABCs of Emotion


Feelings Words From A to Z: The ABCs of Emotion
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Goal: To provide children with a variety of different words to describe emotions and feelings.

Skills Targeted: emotional intelligence, social skills

There are many different activities you can use with your child on a daily basis to help increase his emotional vocabulary--including keeping a daily "How Do I Feel Today?" journal or other type of feelings journal--but the the key component in increasing emotional vocabulary is having a large pool of words to choose from.

As adults, it’s sometimes even hard to find the right word to describe what we’re feeling, as it’s not always easy to think of more than just the basic words for emotion.

Learning to identify a variety of different emotions is a huge part of increasing your child’s emotional intelligence and social competence. To help you and your child dig a little deeper,here’s a list of feeling words from A to Z.

Feelings beginning with A:

angry, annoyed, agreeable, afraid, awkward, affectionate, anxious, alarmed. awful, abandoned, absent minded, accepted, aggravated

Feelings beginning with B:

brave, bored, bothered, bewildered, brilliant, bitter, bashful, bad, blue, baffled, bummed out

Feelings beginning with C :

confused, cheery, cooperative, caring, confident, calm, clumsy, curious, content, competent, compassionate, considerate, cautious, cranky, clever

Feelings beginning with D:

disorganized, defiant, depressed, discouraged, delighted, disgusted, determined, disappointed, dumb, detached, destructive, daring, disillusioned, devious

Feelings beginning with E:

energetic, encouraged, enthusiastic, embarrassed, edgy, excited, empathetic, envious, exhausted, eager, exuberant, expectant, enraged

Feelings beginning with F:

friendly, funny, frightened, fearful, furious, foolish, fed up, frustrated, forgiving, flustered, fortunate

Feelings beginning with G:

grouchy, guilty, great, groovy, grief-stricken, generous, greedy, grateful, gullible, grumpy, green with envy

Feelings beginning with H:

happy, humiliated, hurt, helpless, hopeless, honest, horrified, hesitant, hilarious, humble, honored, heartbroken

Feelings beginning with I:

irritated, interested, insecure, impatient, ignored, inspired, inadequate, irrational, ignorant, indifferent, irked, irresponsible, invisible

Feelings beginning with J:

jealous, joyful, judgemental, jumpy, jaded, jocular, jinxed

Feelings beginning with K:

kind, keen, knocked down, kooky,

Feelings beginning with L:

laid back, loving, lonely, labile, lackluster, light-hearted, likeable, lost, lousy, lucky, lazy, loopy, leery

Feelings beginning with M:

mad, mixed-up, meek, mean, miserable, malevolent, marvelous, magical, manipulated, manipulative, maternal, modest, misunderstood, mischievous, mopey, mistrustful, mellow, melodramatic, moody

Feelings beginning with N:

nice, naughty, nasty, nauseated, nervous, nerdy, nutty, noble, noisy, neglected, neglectful, needy, needed, nifty, naive, nonchalant, nonplussed

Feelings beginning with O:

okay, overpowered, overjoyed, over-the-top, obedient, obsessive, off, odd, offended, out-of-control, outraged, overloaded, overstimulated, obstinate, obligated

Feelings beginning with P:

panicked, peaceful, playful, pensive, proud, peeved, patronized, peachy, perfect, peppy, pensive, puzzled, powerful, powerless, picky, pleased, psyched, petty, petulant, preoccupied

Feelings beginning with Q:

quiet, questioned, questionable, quirky, quarrelsome, quivery, qualified, querulous

Feelings beginning with R:

respected, relieved, relaxed, resentful, rattled, refreshed, repulsed, rageful, rational, reasonable, reactive, ready, rebellious, reluctant, reassured, restive, restful, remorseful, reserved

Feelings beginning with S:

sad, surprised, silly, smiley, scared, sorry, serious, stupid, shy, satisfied, sensitive, safe, stressed out, stubborn, sarcastic, sassy, spiteful, scornful, secure, serene, smug, snarky, snarly, sociable

Feelings beginning with T:

thankful, tearful, thoughtful, terrific, talkative, tolerant, trusted, temperamental, terrified, timid, tired, tantrumy, troubled, tickled, torn, trustworthy, touched, threatened

Feelings beginning with U:

understood, understanding, uneasy, uncertain, ugly, uncomfortable, unruffled, unafraid, useless, unimpressed, unappreciated, undecided, unique, unruly, up

Feelings beginning with V:

vivacious, vain, vibrant, violent, valued, vital, vexed, volatile, vulnerable, victorious, vacant

Feelings beginning with W:

worried, wacky, wary, weak, weary, weird, wistful, woeful, weepy, well, whiny, worn out, wound up, whimsical, warm, witty, withdrawn, worthless, wronged, willful, wishful

Feelings beginning with X:

xenophobic, x'd out

Feelings beginning with Y:

yucky, yappy, youthful, yielding, yearning

Feelings beginning with Z:

zany, zealous, zonked, zippy, zestful, zen, zapped

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