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Math in Everyday Life

Fun, hands-on activities and ideas to promote math in everyday life.

Learning Fractions with Cookies
Using cookies to teach fractions can help your child see the link between pieces of a whole and pieces of a number.

Muffin Tin Money: Teaching Coin Values to Kids
Muffin tin coin sorting with real coins is great for teaching coin values to kids. It's also a lot of fun.

The Muffin Tin Making Change Game
Once your child learns the values of different coins, he can start trading or making change. This quick and easy game can reinforce those skills.

Bedtime Math Children's Book Brings Back Family Time
Laura Overdeck's book Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late brings brain-building right into your child’s bedroom.

The ABCs of Mathematics: Math Concepts from A to Z
In order to help support your child’s mathematical learning, here’s a quick look at math concepts from A to Z (or from addend to zero).

Math in Real Life: Cell Phone Plan Math
One way to make math real for your teen is to do some cell phone math; help your teen evaluate cell phones plans.

Cootie Catcher Learning: Make Multiplication Fact Fortune Tellers
Cootie Catchers, or origami fortune tellers, can be used for learning. Here's how to make one to practice multiplication facts.

Teaching Patterns and Sorting to Your Child
Teaching patterns to your child goes hand in hand with teaching him how to sort. You can sort and pattern using a number of attributes including size, shape, color and texture.

Junk Drawer Sorting Activity for Kids
A junk drawer sorting activity is a win-win opportunity. Your child will be a little more eco-conscious, learn better categorization and higher-level thinking skills and will also be helping you clean!

Math in Real Life: Cell Phone Plan Math
Getting your teen ready for the real world means helping them see the real world applications of math and to budget. Do some cell phone math help your teen evaluate cell phones plans.

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